Each series of my work are entries into a visual journal, documenting a shuttered emotion in time. There is no umbrella term or explanation for my work. I find that when I am not making my photographs I wrap gifts like the wrapping is the gift, I will half knit a scarf or draw illustrations of bunny rabbits washing dishes with aprons on. but as productive and fruitful a loaf of banana bread may taste or how an afternoon matinee may sing to my worries like a oh brother where art tho lullaby absolutely none of them directly address my humanness. it may just be a photograph of a woman water-falling herself down a stairway in a wedding gown. but to me it is my mothers wedding gown which was her mothers, and the stairs are ones who's bones my father laid, and somehow i transport, and breathing and become vulnerable and even if it is as simple as the beginning of a sigh there is a truth told within a artificial event, and thats why I take photographs of myself i believe. some of my favorite photographs are the random ones form a roll that most would never print. the ones where not everyone is looking, theres a distraction. as if the camera is just another invitee at the party, what i love is the staticness of that capture